Digital Advertising Services

Digital Advertising Services

Google is a robust search engine with a lot of value to add for users and site owners. It is a harmonious relationship where everyone can win. For business owners and marketers, it becomes necessary to understand how Google works when it comes to search results.

What are the numbers like when it comes to free traffic and paid traffic?

You want to have this data up-to-date, so the right decisions are being made as you move forward. This read will analyze these details and highlight the substantial percentages to focus on with Google searches.

2:1 Ratio

This is the number that’s cited when Google searches are mentioned. As of right now, for every paid search, there are two free searches on the site. This makes it easier to figure out which option is best. There is a far greater chance of getting leads from free traffic where the site has ranked than there is from paid traffic on Google. It is all about understanding what the benefits are of each and then deciding what you want.

The 2:1 ratio has been around for a long time and continues to be seen with Google.

The reason given for free traffic remaining high has to do with trustworthiness. People who are coming into search believe the free results are there on merit. It is an assumed reality where they want to go with those who have got their naturally.

80+% Leads From Free Traffic
This is a number marketers have set out to list when it pertains to traffic searches. It is all about understanding where the leads are coming from as that is the goal for most sites. If you are selling a product or service, you want to know where the leads come from, so you can keep doing the same thing or optimizing it even more. If that is the goal, you will know these leads are coming from free traffic on Google.

The percentages are lopsided at best.

As of right now, it is 80% towards free traffic and 20% towards paid traffic. Most leads prefer to come through free traffic and this ties in with the previous percentage with the 2:1 ratio.

It is important for businesses to take these percentages into account when they are setting up SEO campaigns or looking to figure out how their marketing campaigns will be run. If you are not aware of this analytics, you could end up making the wrong decision. My Synk Media is sure to provide you with the best Fontana SEO Services.

65% Control Over Entire Search Market

Now, let’s move towards the broader picture that is presented by Google and their search engine. From the entire market, they are bringing in 65% of all searches. Yes, this includes every person in the world who might go on a search engine. They have the biggest piece of the pie.

So, it makes sense to target them and get the Best Fontana Digital Advertising Services.

These percentages continue to remain lopsided, and it is best to adjust. offers Best Affordable SEO Services in California. For a further FREE video analysis of your site fill out our discovery form  or call: 1-844-210-2847