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Edgar is smart, professional and highly efficient at search engine ranking. He was of invaluable help to me recently with a very important project. He is a great communicator and won’t disappoint you.
Richard Alestock, Richs Digital Marketing
“Edgar is part of a Mastermind Group. The group has empowered him with top of the range SEO and Social media marketing skills that is second to none. I have seen this made evident in the way he handled jobs that we worked on together.
Tayo Orekoya, Andromeda Digital Optimization Agency
Edgar is an expert on Internet Marketing. There are few professional with such high expertise on the industry as he has. I have seen how he always provides real value to his clients. He is definitively the professional to go to if you are looking to increase your clients and revenue.
Francisco Ortiz, Richs Digital Marketing
“Edgar Vidal has an amazing grasp of SEO and internet marketing. He is consistently able to deliver results, and can quickly become an essential asset to any business no matter how big or small. Nick is the unfair advantage that you’ve always wanted over your competition. I would definitely want him on my side.
Pablo Checo, Cross Roads SEO
SEO and search marketing is an ever evolving space and it’s tough to keep up with all the changes that are happening on a weekly, if not daily, basis.
Edgar has become a great resource for my business and his trusted methods have never failed to bring a great return on investment for my marketing efforts, especially in SEO.
Boris Jurosevic, Elevated Rank
I was referred to Edgar by a local business owner who got tremendous value by hiring Edgar and his agency for SEO service. They know they stuff and my web development agency is currently ranking high on few of the prominent US local and international buyer keywords.
Sajjad-ul-Islam Azad, Serp Mind
I recommend Edgar for his SEO services. There are many companies touting that they know SEO, but I know for a fact because of our extensive training in online marketing that Edgar has the skills to make a business extremely visible online. He understands how to drive traffic. Traffic=Revenue.
Todd Ramse, Page 1 Ranks
Edgar Vidal is one of the absolute best when it comes to transforming your online business, he’s also a master at helping put your business strategy into something that can be both beneficial and attainable. I could not recommend anyone more than I recommend Edgar.
Isaac Byrne, Byrn Media
Not only can Edgar get you great rankings in the search engines, he has a video ranking formula that can work wonders for your business. Highly recommended!
Sean May, 1UP Media Solutions LLC
Edgar is reliable and most importantly knowledgeable in digital marketing. His communication and strategic skills make him very valuable. When it comes to SEO services I highly recommend his services.
Amy Ou Yang, Hurricane SEO Agency
Edgar is one of the best SEO experts that can take your website from nowhere to be found to page #1 on Google. He can analyze your website, develop a strategy and execute to perfection. When it comes to building a business and branding yourself online, Edgar has a great reputation for success.
Nick Matutina, Matusmedia LLC
When it comes to SEO consulting, Edgar is a really helpful individual. Not only does he have an in-depth knowledge about Google search ranking factors, he also provides a clear cut SEO strategic plan that brings quality results fast. Highly recommended.
Steve Jablecki, Andromeda Digital Optimization Agency
Working with My Synk Media has been an exceptional experience. Mr Edgar Vidal has extensive knowledge in online marketing strategy. He is a specialist at SEO traffic and company name branding. His company is one that is very professional and skilled at the details they give each and every business.
Jason Ty Matthew Francis, Rich Wave Media
It has been fantastic working together with Edgar. Proactive, energetic and totally organized. Brilliant SEO. Edgar will find a way to weather any storm with a smile. He is a reliable person and I will always hold him in the highest esteem.
Tomislav Glogovac, Tomislav Glogovac Online Solutions
There is a lot of noise in the social media marketing space. Only a few actually know what they’re doing. Edgar is one of those making a difference.
Robert Cook, Robert E Cook
SEO is a very tough skill to master when you need good ranking in Google. Edgar is a real expert in the domain and I can assure you are in good hands with him.
Julien Chiron, LogaRank Internet Media
Edgar has a very deep knowledge and understanding of SEO that will give your business a huge advantage in today’s competitive and ever-changing marketplace. Whether you need to make small changes to your current SEO strategy or you need a complete solution from start to finish, I can’t recommend Edgar highly enough. He will deliver and impress you with his results.
Michael Soekawa, Media Trafficking LLC
Edgar has revolutionized Search Engine Optimization and is on the cutting edge of internet innovation. There is not a business on the planet that he cannot help or add great value to. His great services are like no other.
Michael Soekawa, 777 Digital
Edgar Vidal is a dedicated SEO Professional through his work in his SEO Agency. An intelligent, precise and knowledgeable individual in website ranking. Working with him is a signature of success. If you need a professional SEO to do a job, I would not hesitate to work with Edgar Vidal as soon as possible.
Nabil Jalil, BlackGrid SEO
Edgar knows what’s going on with Google and how to leverage those dreaded updates for the better. He is serious about delivering results and is committed to his client’s success. Get in touch with him to find out how he can make a big difference to your bottom line.
Jennifer Glidden, Next Door SEO

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