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YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube Video Marketing

There are many different styles of digital marketing, and many different ways to get the online attention that is the lifeblood for a business in an increasingly connected online world. YouTube is in itself one of the largest search engines in the world and is by far and away the largest online video site. YouTube gives webmasters the chance to improve their SEO, create videos that generate massive amounts of traffics & qualified customer leads, as well as control their publicity and brand. The potential of YouTube Marketing is invaluable for any type of online campaign, but just making a large number of videos doesn’t guarantee anything. You need to know the right way to harness the power of YouTube if you want the results you crave.

Tell A Story
This is good business and blogging advice, as well. What is your company’s story? When you put together a video you’re doing more than answering a simple question or creating an informational resource. You’re telling a contained story in a very specific way. Understanding this will allow you to create a better video because you’ll understand pacing, stay on focus, and create a type of order and energy that will work to your advantage.

With so many informational and entertainment options available, understanding how to tell a story that captures attention stays on target and gets the message out that you’re looking for.

Proper SEO Practices
When uploading and setting up your videos, you will want to practice proper My Synk Media SEO. You want a title that jumps out and gets attention but preferably has a keyword in it, as well. In addition to this, the description of most videos is only a few sentences or lines and possibly a link or two of some social accounts or a blog. This is a serious mistake when it comes to optimization!

A link to a website should definitely be given, and this is an excellent opportunity to get a link to a particular post or page (which can sometimes be hard to get). At the very least you should link to your main website or sales funnel, depending on what you are setting up your campaign for.

Finally, take advantage of that description area. While many people only put in one or two lines, you have the ability to add paragraphs of information. Create well-written high-quality content using various keywords, longtail keywords, and even related niche words. A great video can rank surprisingly high for a wide variety of terms so the more great content you have there, the higher Google will want to rank the video.

Take advantage of that large amount of space by filling it with excellent content that continues to work for you.

Professional Quality Matters
While you are better off putting up basic or average videos versus none at all, there is no question that the quality of video matters. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need Hollywood level cameras, lighting, and crew, but you do want YouTube videos that look good, have high resolution, and come together like a professional video. A basic microphone for sound, a couple good cameras to get two good angles to work with, and solid video editing so this isn’t just a long stare at one person or image while talking takes place.

Just as Google wants to reward high-quality text content for websites and blogs, they tend to reward better videos with higher search engine rankings, as well.

Catch Attention Fast
There’s a very limited amount of attention for people web surfing, and you need to catch their attention fast. A snappy headline, strange thumbnail pic, great starting image – all of these can be tools that help you to stand out from the crowd and get attention. Having that initial hook is crucial because you can have great looking videos that are well edited and informative but if you want your video to actually get views and promote your brand and be more than just SEO fodder, then you need to get attention. Otherwise the rest is for naught.

The good news is that if you follow these pieces of advice you will be amazed at just how effective YouTube marketing can be for you.

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