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Social Media Marketing

Love Social Media

Although you may dislike social media for whatever reason as a consumer, you cannot do it as a marketing expert. In fact, you have to start loving social media as a marketing specialist due to the numerous advantages it offers. Social media is an essential component of how a business is attracting new customers and connecting with the existing clients. I treat social media marketing as one of the most important elements in my marketing arsenal along with SEO Services. Even though there are some negative traits in social media in general, business accounts are entirely different to the personal accounts. In fact, it is not about an acquaintance from 20 years ago trying to reconnect with someone he or she barely knew.

For instance, as the founder of My Synk Media, I am not interested in reconnecting with my childhood acquaintances. On the other hand, no one from my childhood is likely to see my professional Facebook page. Usually, a friend will not post pictures of their recent girls’ night out on any business social media page where the whole world can see it. In fact, social media marketing is a professional tool used by businesses to improve their online presence.

Professional With A Personal Touch

It is true that an office is a formal entity where business transactions take place on a daily basis. But social media needs not be so formal. It can be a place to meet with employees or even the boss of the company. But these connections don’t need to be so intimate that the importance of the purpose is lost altogether. In fact, social media can be used to conduct a different level of conversation such as being relaxed and less intimidating compared to office-based exchanges such as an in-person or on the phone dialogue. Social media creates a different approach where many employees feel comfortable with the method.

Many Links To Social Media

How does a potential customer end up on the company’s Facebook or Twitter Page? They will find the page through various links on landing sites, via online & paper ads, and through pay per click advertisements. The content on these pages is very important since the search engine will use the content including the captions for photos to determine how these pages should be ranked. Social media marketing is an important component of an effective search engine optimization strategy to rank your site higher in the search engines. Every time a tweet is posted on Twitter or a post or video is added to Facebook; it is included in the amount of content available to the search engine spiders to rank the page appropriately.

How Do You Use Social Media?

Facebook is not just a place to chat anymore. Customers do not log on to see pictures of products and hear what others have to say. In fact, they prefer interacting with the page in order to clear whatever doubts they have about the product or service that you offer. On the other hand, most of the promotions out there are social media-based. A website that promotes coupons, free samples, or competitions will take their subscribers to a Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter page to enter the contest or signup for giveaways.

Most of the time, a person only need to “like” the Facebook page to enter a contest or receive a gift. All these “likes” will add up. A large number of followers or like give the impression that the company is doing well. This also shows that the company could be trusted and their products and services should be excellent. Social media could be used to launch short promotions. In fact, we can show you how to do it. Your subscribers will learn about every new post on the page. On the other hand, subscribing should be encouraged. Even it the visitor was not a regular subscriber before, you have the chance to turn him/her into one by encouraging him or her to subscribe.

Low-Cost Marketing

Social media is a cost-effective advertising method. You can use it to talk about what you offer without creating new brochures for every change you make to a product or a newly released product. In fact, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and similar pages are setup for continual engagement. They are quite cheaper compared to print and electronic media advertising.

Social media is essential for every small business with a tiny advertising budget. Most of the time, social media is completely free of charge. They also promote chatter between consumers on and off the Internet. Call us for a free consultation to hear about the importance of social media marketing for your small business.

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