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Hi, I am Edgar Vidal, and I own, a premier online marketing agency in California and Texas. Our website rank #1 for more than 20,000 highly competitive keywords in Google which include “California SEO.” Our national and international keywords attract thousands of searches every month. Hence, we are the best people to help you dominate your competition. Just call us on (844) 210-2847 or fill out our Discovery Form so that we can immediately get started.

Our services are a little bit different to the average SEO agency on the market. That’s because we do all the work ourselves. Since we don’t outsource anything to third-party companies, we don’t have unnecessary overheads. Hence, you get the opportunity of getting the same advantage that the big boys in the industry get at a fraction of the cost. We guarantee dominating results – search Google for “California SEO” and see us on top of the SERPs. It is one of the most competitive search terms in the whole of California on Google. Our online properties are featured in 5 out of the top 8 positions for this keyword – our official website, video, Weebly page, Facebook page, Yelp page, and Foursquare Page. We are not saying this to brag about our achievements but to give you a glimpse of what is possible when you team up with us.

Choosing the right SEO expert is not an easy task after all. It is similar to hiring a car mechanic since there is so much going on behind the scenes which are outside of your expertise. You should have confidence in the abilities of the potential expert you choose to perform SEO for your business. For example, you should be taking advantage of the powerful Web 2.0 sites with your SEO techniques. In fact, Web 2.0s such as Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp, Twitter, and many other sites play an important part in an effective SEO strategy in this day and age. You won’t have the time to do all this stuff by yourself. That’s why you need to look for a professional and experienced SEO provider on the market to handle the work on behalf of your business.

On the other hand, staying on top of Google in the long-term is not easy with the kind of competition out there. That’s where an experienced SEO provider like My Synk Media comes in handy. We have more than 1,000 websites ranked number one for over 20,0000 highly competitive key phrases. Hence, we are up-to-date with the latest trends in the SEO industry. We never indulge in unethical practices to achieve these results. In fact, it is counterproductive to use black hat techniques to get higher rankings since your business will lose its reputation and rankings when the search engines come to know about this. That’s why we use the latest cutting edge white hat practices to rank your sites. We do all the work ourselves, and we can dominate your competition just like we have dominated our competition.

Our Private Network Of High-Quality News Sites

The quality of the websites that link back to your site is a crucial factor when it comes to ranking your site higher in the SERPs. Most SEO agencies implement two common strategies in this regard – they would either outsource low-quality links from the Philippines or India or link low power sites to your money site. Although the latter will not get your site in trouble, it won’t give results either. That’s where our service comes in. In fact, we have taken the road less traveled in this regard. We have been developing a quality network of news sites for some years now. These sites offer high-quality information to readers across the globe. We link your site to these high-quality news sites which we have 100% ownership and control.

For example, is it better to advertise with the Wall Street Journal or hire some people to hand out your business card on the streets of Las Vegas? Just think about it. Anyone who has been in marketing even for a week will know the better option. In fact, Wall Street Journal has a much better reputation with its readers. In the same way, you site’s rankings are boosted with the power that comes from high-quality links to your site. No other SEO agency can claim to offer such an advantage to your business. That’s why our clients are doing well in Irvine, San Francisco, Fontana, California, San Antonio, and all around Texas.

Advertisers paid over $28 billion dollars to Google in 2016 just to get their word out to the customer. In fact, we will get you the same quality clients that advertisers have to pay billions of dollars just for a fraction of that cost. It doesn’t stop there – we offer high-quality web design services, marketing consultation services and much more. Please call us on (844) 210-2847 or fill out our Discovery Form right now.

If you own or operate a business in California, Texas, you cannot do without the help of a reliable SEO service. SEO is important to take your company to the next level. Although large firms have incorporated SEO into their marketing budgets, small businesses may not be 100% clear on the benefits of integrating SEO into their marketing strategy. But you need to do it right now without being left behind.

Search engines are very helpful in offering answers to various queries on the net such as the location of your favorite restaurant or finding the best AC repair service in the area. If you don’t take advantage of SEO to rank your site higher in the SERPs, you are losing out on millions of these searches.

We want to help you dominate the search engines and attract tons of new customers to your business. If you want the #1 spot on Google, please call us on (844) 210-2847 (Leave a message if I don’t answer) or fill out our Discovery Form.