Free traffic VS Paid traffic

Free Traffic VS Paid Traffic

Is Free Or Paid Traffic Best For Your Needs?

You can get traffic for free if you optimize your website correctly. There are also ways to pay to get traffic that may help you. Get to know here what to look for and what to avoid when you want to make a website more attractive.

The main thing you want to avoid is paid traffic that is from a service that says they will boost your statistics with robotic traffic. For instance, if you pay $100 someone may promise you 10,000 visitors in an hour or two. If you are just getting someone to run software that makes you look like you’re getting visitors but it’s just from software that emulates people visiting, that does you no good. Why have traffic if nobody is really going to see your website and do business with you or at least read over the information there?

There are free ways to get traffic that actually get you, real people, to check out your website. You may be able to get your site into some kind of advertisement web ring where people get credits if they visit a site for a certain amount of time. These sites are a step up, but they still don’t lead to people buying from your site because they just want to collect credits to get views for their sites. You can receive more views the more you use their site to check out the sites of others for free usually.

Keep in mind that with a lot of paid traffic, a pattern emerges that will make companies that pay for the ads on a website suspicious. If they see that every visitor spends 10 seconds on the page, then they are going to probably know that you’re paying for people to come to the site. Organic traffic is much better because there is not a strange pattern that gets your account looked into if you are trying to get ad money. There really is not a good reason to pay to get traffic from services unless you just want to make your site seem more popular than it really is for some reason.

You can just use SEO to get traffic for free. This does take training and time, but it works out to where you have real people visiting you online on a regular basis. Paying for people to use SEO on your website for you is another possibility. Just working on a nice looking web page will be enough to get people to check it out through Google as long as you use good keywords. The content should also be unique, up to date, and you have to avoid stuffing too many keywords onto pages.

Paid traffic is only going to be worth your time if you know that it will be from real people. The robotic traffic you can get is not really that useful, even if it boosts your numbers. You can find ways to use SEO and other methods to get real traffic if you are willing to work at it. offers Best Affordable SEO Services in California. For a further FREE video analysis of your site fill out our discovery form  or call:  1-844-210-2847